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Whether you're a banker or a loan broker, your aim is to assist individuals in acquiring the businesses they desire. However, despite the simplicity of this goal, various unforeseen obstacles often hinder successful transactions. Enter the SBA Loan Exchange, the solution to this challenge!

This online platform offers several benefits:

  • It enables bankers to refer potential borrowers to the platform who may not fit their bank's credit profile due to reasons such as a small loan amount, insufficient collateral, subpar credit score, or wrong industry.
  • It empowers business brokers to obtain pre-approved listings, eliminating guesswork regarding financing structures when a buyer is ready to proceed with an acquisition.
  • It allows borrowers to bypass the uncertainty of reviewing multiple offers or declines, enabling them to focus on acquiring or running the business.

The SBA Loan Exchange provides bankers with the opportunity to both refer suitable opportunities and receive deals that align perfectly with their desired client profile. Importantly, there's no competition here – if The Exchange sends a lead to a banker, it goes exclusively to that individual banker. Only if the initially referred banker decides not to proceed will the lead be sent to a second funding source.

Once a bank commits to a deal, other options are automatically closed off from consideration. The borrower gains direct access to the assigned banker to secure the necessary funding. Moreover, the referring party has the option of earning a fee from the SBA Loan Exchange, equal to half of the revenue generated from the funding bank, once the deal successfully closes and funds.

The only requirement is for the banker or business broker to input the contact information of the proposed borrower in the provided chart. Our team will then reach out to the referred party, collect any necessary information, and connect them with the appropriate banker from the platform to finalize the deal. Say goodbye to confusing letters – instead, borrowers can focus on closing and funding, while business brokers can confidently include pre-approval in their presentations.

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